2017 map_02 | Installation, BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts, Lisbon

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For the site-specific project 2017 map_02 Tomaz Hipólito occupies “Casa Animal” (Animal House) – a sculpture-monument-stage conceived by the artistic duo Musa paradisiaca, and points out the relationship between space, artist and artwork – questioning the notions of ownership and shifting the perception of both interventions, now in a one-way dialogue.

This project had the duration of 2 hours and mentioned an exhibition of the hosting duo, that was taking place simultaneously in a gallery nearby. Here, the shift was to present at “Animal House” those gallery wall texts as artworks, as elements of “authority” – by it’s non-author. Thereby, these objects (or even readymades) acquire a completely new meaning and show the possibility to acknowledge the hosting duo work, or missing content… At the same time, by offering the visitor this illusion of “transportation” they enhance the inexorable truth that it is not possible to be in two places at the same time (at least physically).

In fact, the wall texts are problematic agents around an exhibition. Are they references or possible resolutions? Are they part of the exhibition or a complement? Context or a one-way speech ? This indefinite and unplaced role is the motto for what one wants to ask.

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