2022 draw_24 | Artists on Stage – Roman Theater Museum, Lisbon

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2022 draw_24 is a nomadic installation that occupies different spaces, indoor and outdoor. This work is composed of equal styrofoam cubes that are organized in various shapes and sizes. These cubes are also unified by the black paint that coats them, suggesting a universe that is a partner to drawing, both in color and in matter.
Their shape, presence and pertinence depends on each installation.
A singular gesture that forces the unfolding of the territory of architecture in sculpture and drawing.

In this case, in the Roman Theater Museum, the occupation is born following the original wedge of the Roman building implemented there since the 17th century and now appropriated, inevitably, by the artist Tomaz Hipólito. Although this work is inhabiting the strongest part of the Roman building, it still transmits fragility and even a certain vertigo.

Although in both archeology and artistic creation “discovery” is the final pleasure, they do the inverse exercise, one in subtraction and the other in addition respectively.

From this intervention emerges a new architecture composed of past and present, which is expected to spread into the future, through image and memory.

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