2018 set_03 | Installation and Performance, Festival Exquisito, Lisbon

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Group Exhibition


For the first edition of Exquisito Festival, Tomaz Hipólito presented a site-specific installation in an old mill reconverted kitchen. 2018 set_03 used exiting remains and new components displayed in order to transform the environment and provide opportunity for experimentation, observation and analyses. A possible laboratory around the element water, as formal object of study.

The gesture of giving back to space one of its main functions, the possibility of transformation, allows the artist to reinvent the experience and our own perception. By the confrontation between nature and artifice it is possible to put human’s physical experience in perspective. Can we ignore that global warming is wreaking havoc on nature?

This installation occupied the entire old mill with different sensorial layers and levels of experience. On friday, September 14 at 7:30 p.m., the artist activated it with a live performance asking visitors to participate.

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