2017 personaloop_01 | Video, Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea Museu do Chiado (MNAC), Lisbon

Shortlisted for the LOOP.Lisboa prize organized by Temps D’ImageVideo

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Materials: video projection
Duration: 2’09”

In 2017 personaloop_01 Tomaz Hipólito proposes a new look on the loop, questioning its concept and notion of repetition. In this video, it is possible to reach a set of infinite possibilities.

The series persona is recurrent in the work of Tomaz Hipólito and the relation between the artist’s body with a space confers a relational scale. This mapping structure is produced through the constitution of a lexicon of gestures that, alongside with the dressed black and impersonal uniform, depersonalizes it.

For Tomaz Hipólito the starting point of his work is the space and the experience that reveals it. Thus, in a loop system – or where loop variations are inserted – repetition exists, but the experience is different every time.

In this proposal it is possible to observe this continuous research on the gesture mapping. If space only exists when occupied, and that is the gesture that confers reality to space, in this exercise the real experience is in confrontation with a virtual experience.

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