2014 level_03 | Carpe Diem – Art and Research, Lisbon

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Tomaz Hipólito will present his project 2014 level_01_02_03 in three separate moments and diverse spaces, in Lisbon, between late March and mid-June.
Over the three performative actions of single presentation and short duration the artist explores a common matrix through different formulations in what concerns: the drawing in space; material and dematerialization; colour, which acquires cumulative symbolic from one action to the next one; social conventions linked to the reception of the artwork (intrinsic to a museum, a non profit and a gallery), and the latter rules the previous variants.

Through measuring gesture and the drawing proposed for each situation Tomaz Hipólito conveys impressions of rigidity or organic flexibility, delimitation or involvement and other qualities revealed by the presentation context. This site specific trilogy is based on a simple gestual and visual grammar which turns out to be an acute and effective one especially when seen in complementarity.

2014 Lisbon Luísa Especial

2014 level_02 Carpe Diem – Art and Research

Artist Tomaz Hipolito’s continues his material
Artist Tomaz Hipolito continues to facilitate the exploration of space, time, movement and human perception through his performance piece(s) “2014 level_01_02_03”.

The three events take place in three different spaces, assembled personages and unique geocentric coordinates. The Trilogy is no less than a mathematical/musical Variation on a Theme spoken through the classical, scientific, industrial and respected understanding(s) of the individual.

Hipolito’s performances are always exciting, never redundant and consistently an invitation to individual interpretation. Together they speak a single truth by contrasting and uniting—the Asher (unfinished stone), the technological (laser) and the mundane (plastic).

The wonderment here is that the artist synergizes his audience’s revelations–without leading them or resorting to the absurd, enigmatic or silly. He cracks open his doors of perception—but never fully. In this manner, the beholder is joyously invited to find personal illumination, physical pleasure and interpersonal oneness with their fellows. Here is an intellectual, playfully simple and spontaneously erotic invitation for the joining of hands, hearts and souls.

2014 Lisbon Lawrence Solomon

2104 level_01 Sala do Veado – March 31 – 10pm
Rua da Escola Politécnica 56/58, Lisboa

2014 level_02 Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa – May 10 – 5pm
Rua de O Século 79, Bairro Alto, Lisboa

2014 level_03 Appleton Square – June 19 – 10pm
Rua Acácio Paiva 27 r/c, Lisboa

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